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Tips to help you get the best same day dental implants

There was a time when same day dental implants were something close to impossible. But with the advancements in technology and introduction of latest procedures now you can easily get same day or immediate dental implants by any good dental clinic that offers advanced denture procedures. But if you want to experience the top quality services, then you will have to look for the best dental clinic that offers same day implants in Dubai.

Those who have no idea as to how same day dental implants are performed and what they should expect at the dental clinic when visitng for this procedure so they should consult their dentist before opting for same day dental implant. But to provide you with the basic idea about same day dental implants, in simple words, the dentist that you will choose for the treatment will install a titanium rod directly into your mouth and then will put in a replacement for the tooth right away unlike normal tooth implant that requires a proper time frame to complete the procedure. While you are at it, the average time frame of a normal tooth implant varies between two to four months.


You should also understand that every patient will not be a suitable candidate for same day dental implant. Your dentist will perform a few tests and take X-rays to evaluate whether same day dental implant is suitable for you or not. During these tests dentist that you will choose will examine your jawbone to determine if the titanium rods can be attached to it effectively or not. One of the biggest reasons behind performing these tests is that if your jawbone is capable to support the rod properly or not. Implanting replacement tooth to the patient who is not the right candidate for same day dental implants can result as improper placement of rod and to fix that your dentist will have to perform another incision to fix it.

Your dentist will only recommend you same day dental implant if he will be 100% sure that you are oral conditions can support such procedure. This signifies that how important it is for you to only opt for the best dental clinic in your area for same day dental implant, so that you could get the best advice based on your dental condition. In case you are looking for other dental procedures to improve your smile and appearance of your teeth, then you should look for a good Hollywood smile dental clinic in Dubai.