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Check your equipment for faults before starting off your business event

Why should you check all of your equipment before a business meeting? It should go without saying, but this is extremely important. If you don’t check and re-check everything involved, you might find yourself standing on stage without your presentation, or worse, without audio. Take these preparation notes into mind and you will be much more prepared.


Prepare For the Environment

You are going to need to make sure that all of your equipment works with the environment that you are giving the presentation in. The ceiling height, windows, air conditioning, and more can all have an impact on the efficiency of the equipment and can easily ruin your presentation. It will probably take someone else helping you in terms of event management in Abu Dhabi to make sure it is all working properly, but that applies more to the next section of preparation.


Check the Sound Quality

The sound quality of the room is going to have a huge impact on your presentation, so make sure that you pay attention to it. Different rooms sound differently and you don’t want to practise your presentation over and over again only to find that a majority of the room can’t hear a word that you are saying. Have someone walk the room as you talk and make sure that you can be heard clearly at every point in the room. Walls and windows can impact how the sound travels and you will not have this under control unless you check everything beforehand.

Video Problems

Video problems can greatly harm your presentation and you want to make sure that it performs flawlessly. Many people have a hard time paying attention to a presentation if they can’t read along with notes that are on your slides. If the video fails, how are they supposed to follow you? Tons of things can go wrong during corporate family fun days and this is part of practising your presentation beforehand. Run through the video on its own several times to make sure it works fine. Then run through with your speech as well to make sure that it lines up with your video. PowerPoint slides can be out of order and not change properly so you want to make sure that that won’t be a problem for you.


These are three simple things, but truly everything should be checked over and over again until you are sure that you are going to be successful. Make sure that your audio, video, and actual speech itself are flawless before you even show up to give your presentation.